About Us

About Ubari

Co-Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur and musician Shahroz Ahmad, Ubari is a contemporary brand with essential, versatile wardrobe pieces that empower you to effortlessly showcase your personal style. Ubari allows you to make a statement without being too loud.

Launching with their Fall 2022 collection, the ready-to-wear label was made with the millennial, tech savvy, and sustainable consumer in mind. Co-Founder Shahroz Ahmad set out to build a label that fuses his creativity and artistry between music and fashion, merging the two worlds together, and creating a line of unique contemporary designs with high quality construction and sustainable materials that will truly last. Delivering effortless everyday wear and staple clothing to every closet, Ubari is where comfort meets cool. 

Wear Your Achievements

Ubari was made for the achievers. For those who blaze their own path, for those who grind in the early mornings, for those who burn the midnight oil, for those who never settle for less, for those who shatter glass ceilings, for those who raise the next generation, for those who fell and got back up again, for those who achieve.